Modern Warfare 2 players claim Season 3 Reloaded pistol is overpowered

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Screenshot of Modern Warfare 2 player holding FTAC Siege pistol and Ghost aiming down sights of an assault rifle
Credit: Activision

Season 3 Reloaded for Modern Warfare 2 is well underway. The mid-season update for Infinity Ward’s latest release saw plenty of new content making its way to multiplayer, and players dropping into the action have already mastered the two new additions to the weapon arsenal.

With another dose of weapon buffs and nerfs changing the performance of various weapons, the arrival of the FTAC Siege pistol features an incredible rate of fire capable of contending with some primary weapons.

As players continue searching for the meta, one fan believes the pistol is far too strong.

Is the Modern Warfare 2 FTAC Siege OP?

According to Reddit user GullibleRisk2837, the performance of the FTAC Siege is ‘ludicrous.’

“It’ll probably get a nerf at some point, but it’s great,” says the player making the most of this particularly powerful secondary weapon. Although there are many enjoying the immense power, there are many that aren’t. “I found it to be mid,” comments one player. “Feels like a weak SMG.”

Despite the FTAC Siege’s overpowered nature, it doesn’t look like Modern Warfare 2 fans want Infinity Ward to dish out a nerf anytime soon. “The fact you can use it underwater and when climbing is a game-changer,” explains one user. “I’d rather be melted by a secondary than run into 11 turtles a match,” replies another.

Weapons that arrive as part of a post-launch update often slot into the meta thanks to their overpowered nature. But, to prevent any kind of imbalance, the developer often intervenes to stop its dominance. There’s still time for Infinity Ward to nerf the FTAC Siege but for now, its immense firepower is an excellent option for those looking for some close-range performance.

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