Modern Warfare 2 reporting system allows devs to mute toxic players

Modern Warfare 2 players near doorway and Modern Warfare 2 player with angry face
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 players near doorway and Modern Warfare 2 player with angry face
Credit: Activision

Those familiar with the Call of Duty franchise are well aware of the toxic nature of the in-game voice chat. Whether it’s squadmates raging at their most recent death or an opponent dishing out trash talk, voice chat isn’t the most family-friendly experience.

Following the launch of Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward introduced a new code of conduct for all players to sign before jumping into the action. Although some are experiencing a less hostile environment, there are still many having to face toxic behaviour.

Thankfully, the developer is taking further steps to combat toxicity. In a franchise-first initiative, those operating the reporting system have the ability to mute players from all in-game voice channels.

Infinity Ward can mute MW2 voice chat

The latest method to stop bad behaviour in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer comes following an Infinity Ward announcement on November 7 that shares further details on a new in-game reporting feature.

Players can report players for the following reasons:

  • Cheating
  • Spamming text chat
  • Offensive text chat
  • Offensive voice chat
  • An offensive username
  • An offensive clam tag

“We know that in-game situations are not always one-size-fits-all,” states the developer. “Our reporting system now allows players to provide context to their reports.” It may seem like a small addition to multiplayer, but the additional context enables the moderators to make more accurate decisions when deciding on a punishment.

Preventing toxic players from using text and voice chat may prove controversial but it has the potential to create a more pleasant playing environment. Although some believe trash talk is part of the Call of Duty experience, some are put off from communicating with their teammates. In a game where communication is key, the last thing you want is one individual ruining a match for everyone.

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