Modern Warfare 2 players slam lack of season one content

Modern Warfare 2 shoot house map and player holding gun
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 shoot house map and player holding gun
Credit: Activision

The launch of Modern Warfare 2’s first season of post-launch content is on the horizon. While many are looking forward to the new additions coming to Infinity Ward’s latest dose of multiplayer and the arrival of Warzone 2, not everyone is happy with the developer’s latest offering of content.

Season one introduces an all-new battle pass, new additions to the weapon arsenal, and the return of a classic map from 2019’s Modern Warfare.

Despite all of the content coming to the game, players aren’t best pleased with the lack of new maps and the introduction of features that should’ve appeared when the game launched.

Where's the season one content?

Although the roadmap contains a wide variety of content, it’s clear to see the focus is already turning to Warzone 2, meaning multiplayer will be a sideshow. Reddit user “ForwardLychee1415” sarcastically posts the season one content will “keep you going until season 2.”

While some are looking forward to the return of Shoothouse and Shipment, many are left frustrated with the lack of original battlegrounds to play on. “Ah yes, the same 2 maps that have had the 24/7 playlists on MW2019 for the last 3 years, a breath of fresh air!” exclaims one commenter. On the other hand, one user blames the Call of Duty community for the lack of fresh content. “They literally beg for this every single year,” suggesting the fan demand is why the game features no new maps in its first seasonal update.

Shipment and Shoothouse are two of the most popular maps in the entire Modern Warfare series but when players are forking out for a brand-new release, it’s understandable to see their frustrations when developers choose to recycle content rather than offer new experiences.

While we wait for new maps to make their way to the game, take a look at our guides showcasing the best Modern Warfare 2 guns and the latest intel on upcoming Modern Warfare 2 double XP events.

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