Modern Warfare 2 devs reveal creation of classic map was accidental

Screenshot of Modern Warfare 2 Shipment map and Ghost holding an assault rifle
Credit: Activision

Screenshot of Modern Warfare 2 Shipment map and Ghost holding an assault rifle
Credit: Activision

The topic of the greatest Call of Duty maps always sparks debate among players dropping into Modern Warfare 2 during Season 3 Reloaded. Whether it’s Raid or Crossfire, everyone’s got their favourite battlegrounds but for many, there’s one that always appears.

Although the latest selection of maps hasn’t captured the imagination of fans making the most of the best guns to use, the appearance of a few familiar battlefields has proven popular.

One map, in particular, has reached legendary status since its launch in 2007. According to Infinity Ward, its creation was completely accidental.

Shipment was a complete accident

During a recent Dexerto interview, multiplayer design director Geoff Smith revealed that the inclusion of Shipment in Call of Duty 4 was “truly an accident.” Smith says Shipment was originally designed as a “split-screen map, back when that was a thing,” explaining the symmetrical design was optimised for players using half of the TV screen.

Screenshot of Modern Warfare 2 Shipment map from above
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Credit: Activision

“Our MP lead at the time, when we went live, forgot to pull it out and there was no going back,” Smith adds. The resulting accident meant Call of Duty 4 launched with one extra map than planned and 16 years later, its popularity shows no sign of slowing down.

Although Shipment continues to act as the home of all-out chaos in Call of Duty, there are fans that are starting to grow tired of the amount of recycled content in Modern Warfare 2. In addition to Shipment, Shoot House from 2019’s Modern Warfare and Dome from 2011’s Modern Warfare 3 have reappeared instead of original designs.

For fans of new maps, there’s good news. Infinity Ward has revealed there are several new maps in the pipeline and they’re optimised for competitive play. Is the ranked map pool about to receive an expansion? We’ll have to wait and see.

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