Modern Warfare 2 player uncovers the perfect Infected hiding spot

Modern Warfare 2 best Infected hiding spot
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 best Infected hiding spot
Credit: Activision

Mastering the Infected game mode in Modern Warfare 2 is no easy task. With hunters constantly on the search for any remaining survivors, finding a handy hiding place can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Season Two is well underway and although attention is already turning towards Season Two Reloaded, fans continue to jump into the hugely popular party mode where skill-based matchmaking doesn’t determine the result.

During a recent Infected match, one fan has uncovered an excellent hiding place that’s perfect for surviving the incoming hunters.

The best MW2 Infected hiding place

Discovered by Reddit user SatansAssociate, Taraq has plenty of corners to hide in, which is perfect for Infected. The hiding spot in question is so good that players turn almost completely invisible.

“This has to be the sneakiest hiding spot I’ve seen on Infected so far,” reveals the player. Judging by the comments, merging into an object for some additional cover is a strategy that pays off. “Infected with a bit of prop hunt. Where do I find this mix?” asks one member of the community.

Prop Hunt is a hugely popular mode that’s not arrived in Modern Warfare 2. Players disguise themselves as an object in a bid to evade capture, with the last one standing scoring the win. “All we’re missing now is prop hunt to get the perfect trio with Gun Game and Infected,” comments another fan.

Party modes are a great alternative to the staples of Team Deathmatch and Domination. Infected often provides plenty of great moments, whether it’s a sole survivor outlasting the rest of the lobby or a sneaky soldier disappearing on top of a washing machine.

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