Minecraft: Jurassic World DLC Launches On All Platforms

Minecraft has received a sizeable new DLC that adds Jurassic World themed content.

Mojang and Microsoft's game seems to be constantly growing, and the new expansion adds the Jurassic World park with multiple areas based on the movie franchise.

It also adds 21 skins and over 60 dinosaurs.

Minecraft Jurassic World Expansion Released

The DLC is available via the Minecraft Marketplace for $7.99 and feels like it borrows a little from Ark: Survival Evolved (which is ironic, since Pixark converted that game to a blocky art style) by allowing players to train their new prehistoric friends.

Check out the trailer below:

Players can complete expeditions to unlock fresh dino DNA, which will let you create new hybrid species.

Of course, there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong - so you'll want to ensure you keep an eye on your park's security measures to ensure your guests don't turn into a big pile of... well, you know what.

I'm already humming the theme tune.

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