Microsoft Attempted To Buy Nintendo, Were Laughed Out Of The Room

Microsoft has previously attempted to purchase Nintendo and other gaming companies when attempting to build the Xbox brand.

According to a new Bloomberg feature on the history of Microsoft's console hardware, the tech giant approached EA first, being turned down by the publisher.

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Microsoft Attempted To Buy Nintendo, Were Laughed Out Of The Room

Microsoft then approached Nintendo, and it didn't go well according to Kevin Bachus, former director of third-party relations.

Apparently, former CEO Steve Ballmer arranged a meeting with Nintendo but the Japanese firm's representatives weren't keen.

“They just laughed their asses off. Like, imagine an hour of somebody just laughing at you. That was kind of how that meeting went,” Bachus said.

Microsoft also failed in a bid to secure Square Enix, as well as Midway Games, then developer of Mortal Kombat.

While the former failed due to a disagreement on price, the latter wasn't sure on being cut off from the PlayStation market.

It's an interesting thing to consider, being as Microsoft has splashed the cash in recent years.

The firm has acquired Mojang, Double Fine, Ninja Theory, Playground Games and more, culminating in the acquisition of Bethesda parent company Zenimax in 2020.

The entire article is worth a read, as it covers not just Microsoft's failed acquisitions but the infamous "Valentines Day Massacre" meeting where Bill Gates could have pulled the plug on the Xbox project.

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