Marvel's Avengers Leak Confirms Plot Twist Everyone Saw Coming, Shows New Ability

Marvel's Avengers hasn't had the best of weeks, after huge number of potential new characters were revealed - and the leaks didn't stop there.

A major story beat has been revealed, and while it's undoubtedly not a surprise to anyone that's been following coverage of the game, if you want to go into the game blind when it lands on September 4, we'd suggest you prevent yourself from reading on.

Still here? OK.

Marvel's Avengers Leak Confirms Plot Twist

In the inciting incident of Marvel's Avengers, Captain America goes down with the helicarrier as Earth's Mightiest Heroes fail to prevent a new type of weapon tearing through the San Francisco bay area.

Those that played the beta will note that we're able to play as Cap before his demise, and it seems like a lot of trouble to go to just to have the player killed off in the game's first act.

Courtesy of MP1ST, some Reddit images (that have since been deleted) have revealed that Steve Rogers is alive.

In fact, you can check out some footage of the man himself running along a wall below!

Cap's wall running ability! - Full video from SuperRebel's channel


We recently spoke to Scot Amos of developer Crystal Dynamics, and discussed the game's next-gen versions, paid cosmetics, and why we'll be stepping into the shoes of Kamala Khan for the most part. You can check out the full interview here.

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