Marvel’s Avengers: Crystal Dynamics Answers All Your Biggest Questions About Online Co-Op

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Crystal Dynamics just published a 1,500-word fact sheet of sorts, detailing the various co-op modes for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers.

The game will launch with more than 80 different co-op-enabled missions. You can enable or disable matchmaking at will, invite your friends, run missions with AI companions — or some combination of all three.


Without seeing the full-release game, some of what’s in the fact sheet only serves to confuse things, but it’ll make a handy reference guide when the finished game launches next month.


Marvel’s Avengers War Zones

“War Zones” appear to include most of the game’s content outside of the single-player Reassemble Campaign; they’re co-op missions, basically. These can be accessed from the in-game war table.


“A War Zone is an expansive, explorable space that can be played solo or co-op,” the developer said, “loaded with side content including concealed caches to uncover, powerful bounty enemies to defeat, AIM depots to take over, faction allies to rescue, and hidden rewards to claim.”

It's also worth noting that these missions don't have the option to join during a mission, meaning you'll need to...ahem... assemble your team before heading out.

Marvel’s Avengers Drop Zones

Drop Zones are a smaller, quicker variant of the typical War Zone.


“Drop Zones are short missions with a single objective, such as defending allies or sabotaging an AIM structure,” the blog post explains. “These missions are great for quick play sessions, and for replaying to gain rewards.”

You can also take on Faction Missions, aiding desperate “Resistance” forces throughout the game world.

Dungeons: SHIELD Vaults And HARM Rooms

Avengers features a number of discoverable dungeon types, too: SHIELD Vaults, HARM Rooms, Hives, and Villain Sectors.


“Vaults are large explorable spaces that take some legwork to uncover,” Crystal Dynamics says.

“To access a Vault you first have to locate the coordinates from hidden SHIELD caches around the world. Once you’ve found the entrance, you must fight your way inside and breach the vault before you reap the rewards.”

HARM Rooms are essentially just training simulations.

“Hives are AIM strongholds located throughout the world,” the post explains. “The Avengers must uncover their location and fight their way through and a gauntlet of increasingly challenging AIM defenses in order to disable them.”


Villain Sectors are a type of boss-battle stage, each punctuated with a different boss fight. You’ll take on “notable Marvel villains working in tandem with AIM, or one of the organization’s extra-deadly constructs.”

Marvel’s Avengers goes live September 4 on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.