The Last of Us Part 1 wall posters spark player speculation about Naughty Dog’s next game

A promo screenshot for The Last of Us: Part 1.
Credit: Image via MobyGames.

A promo screenshot for The Last of Us: Part 1.
Credit: Image via MobyGames.

The recent release of The Last of Us Part 1 sparked plenty of praise and glowing reviews, as many previous players got a chance to reignite their love of the game and others fell in love with it for the first time.

However, it seems the title’s arrival has provoked one possibly unforeseen consequence, with the search for subtle differences between it and its predecessors seemingly having led some players to make what they believe to be an interesting discovery.

This interesting find comes in the form of some posters on a bulletin board, which some are speculating could have been left as a hint at Naughty Dog’s next new IP.

Would you like to see Naughty Dog try its hand at a fantasy title?

Taking to Twitter, Naughty Dog fan page @NaughtyNDC re-posted an image of the posters, which look to show a group mediaeval fantasy-esque scenes, captioning it: “Fans are speculating that art in TLOU1 are (sic) indicative of Naughty Dog's new IP. (It) seemingly would be a fantasy setting.”

A number of fans replying to the post certainly seemed open to the idea of a Naughty Dog fantasy game, with user @potatoeatbrain saying: “A Naughty Dog fantasy game on PS5 is such a dream. Inject that right into my veins baby!” and @MysteryBurner adding: “Fantasy settings really, really bore me but I trust that ND would do something unbelievable with the genre.”

Some of this enthusiasm bled into the reaction to the news contained with the subreddit r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, where user ImBuGs said: “Honestly, a high fantasy setting by these guys sounds really freaking cool. They've been doing more grounded stuff since 2007.” and Realistic-Nature3787 added: “I don't think I've played a fantasy game with graphics as good as TLOU 2. This could be incredible.”

On the other hand, many were more cautious about getting aboard any hype trains based solely on some posters, with user Draynior observing: “(It) could be a tease, but there was also that The Last of Us: American Daughters poster in Uncharted 4, which people thought was a teaser for TLOU 2 being a prequel with Ellie's mother, (but) didn't amount to anything.”

Regardless of whether you think this little find will actually end up being a harbinger of things to come, make sure to follow us for more coverage of The Last of Us and other Naughty Dog series like Uncharted.

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