Silent Hill fans are unsure whether to get hyped up for Wednesday’s update on the series

An image of the Silent Hill logo.

For a good while now, the true horror of being a fan of the Silent Hill series has been wading through the regular bursts of leaks and speculation regarding the dormant series.

Despite this, the desire for a revival has remained strong among fans, who finally look as though they might be getting the revival they’ve long craved.

That said, while a recently announced transmission from Konami about the series has many fans hyped up to possibly learn what the future of Silent Hill might look like, others are unsure whether to abandon their cynicism just yet.

Have you climbed aboard the Silent Hill hype train yet?

Konami’s broadcast, announced via Twitter last night to much fanfare, is set for this Wednesday at 10 PM BST (11 PM CEST/5 PM ET), with the publisher having teased it via the enigmatic question: “In your restless dreams, do you see that town?”

The answer to this question will be revealed via a website which currently lists the time and date that fans need to show up to find out “the latest updates for the SILENT HILL series.”

However, despite a recent game rating from Korea seemingly backing up the idea that this reveal will contain a new title in the series, it seems that fans on ResetEra are split on whether to go all-in on being excited for it yet.

Some definitely have elected to abandon their pessimism, with user J_ToSaveTheDay saying: “I can't wait to see whatever this is and I desperately hope it's not a disappointment.”, Nothing Loud musing: “Wow. It’s finally happening.” and Beef Supreme adding: “Well, I'll be damned. The urban legend is no longer.”

However, the thread reacting to the news was also full of sarcastic suggestions for disappointing things the broadcast could be centred around that wouldn’t be too out of character for Konami and its recent treatment of the series.

These ideas included more of the infamous Silent Hill-themed skateboards currently being sold by the publisher and user RPGamer92’s terrifying suggestion of a “Pyramid Head body pillow.”

On the other hand, user Milennia cited Konami’s focus on developing gambling apparatus based on its games as a possible theme, casting their vote for a “new slot machine, made/developed by Bloober”.

Regardless of what you think Konami’s broadcast will be centred around, make sure to follow us for more Silent Hill updates when new information emerges.

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