Is Astro's Playroom Coming To Xbox?

Astro’s Playroom has become a much-loved game already on the PS5.

A free-to-play platformer, similar to that of Sackboy.

It's a fun and easy-going game that doesn't require too much time or energy to play.

One question on many minds is will it be coming to Xbox?

Here's what we know!

Is Astro's Playroom Coming To Xbox?

Platformers aren't really a main focus in the games industry anymore.

Finding one that ticks all the boxes is difficult.

Well, it seems that Astro's Playroom does just that, as PS5 players are already loving it.

You may know a PlayStation owner raving over the game or have seen gameplay yourself.

Maybe you're a loyal Xbox player and want to know when you can get your hands on the title.

Unfortunately is this is the case, you're likely out of luck.

It's almost certain that Astro's Playroom will never come to Xbox.

This is because the game is actually developed and published by Sony.

We all know about the battle of the two consoles, so it's unlikely Sony will support their competitor.

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