Insomniac’s Wolverine is violent, dark, and not set in New York

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Wolverine - man in a red flannel with three metal claws protruding from his fist
Credit: Insomniac Games

Following Spider-Man 2's successful reception, the focus has already turned to Insomniac Games' upcoming Wolverine game. According to trusted sources, Wolverine will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, released in 2025.

Courtesy of DanielRPK on X, formerly known as Twitter, the leaker confirmed the initial suspicions of fans, confirming that Sony is now planning for a 2025 release. Previously, it seemed possible that Wolverine could be released as early as Autumn 2024. However, this always appeared to be a best-case scenario for the game's development, so the news that the game will be released the following year shouldn't come as a surprise.

Moreover, DanielRPK confirmed that players can expect to visit the fictional island of Madripoor in Wolverine. This had been teased in the game's announcement trailer, which is set in The Princess Bar, Madripoor. Insomniac is finally venturing beyond New York City, although it's too early to say whether Wolverine will make a visit to The Big Apple in the game.

Unlike Insomniac's previous superhero titles, Wolverine will have a "hard" mature rating, suggesting the game's content will be much darker and grittier than that of Spider-Man 2. Additionally, the game won't feature a "full open world" like Spider-Man's New York. Instead, the game will adopt an approach similar to God of War, with "open sections" of a world, but following a linear narrative.

So far, we're yet to see any gameplay for Insomniac's Wolverine, despite the game's announcement over two years ago. However, this appears to be the norm for Insomniac's releases; it was only 5 months before the game's launch before we got a chance to see gameplay footage for Spider-Man 2.

Like other PlayStation exclusives, Wolverine will likely have a PC release at some point. However, with most exclusives usually taking around 2 years to make their way to PC, fans shouldn't expect Wolverine to be available on PC until around 2027. That is, of course, assuming there aren't any delays to Wolverine's release date in the next couple of years.

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