How to prepare for Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt

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We’ve got about five days left until Destiny 2: Beyond Light goes live, and Festival of the Lost is long gone. So what’s left to do? Is it worth grinding some Destiny over the weekend?

If you’re anything like me, it’s not a question of whether or not to play but rather — what’s the priority in these final hours before Europa?


Finish up the season pass and any old expansions

There’s no wrong or obligatory way to enjoy a game like Destiny, and that’s true of these next few days leading into the launch of Beyond Light. I’ve been introducing a couple folks to the game with the New Light quest; I’m replaying Shadowkeep content with another friend.

Recently, I knocked out the Ruinous Effigy exotic quest and unlocked the catalyst for my Riskrunner. If you’ve got old expansions you have yet to finish, or a season pass in need of completing, that’s as good a way as any to spend the next few days.

If you’re at season rank 90, like I am, you’ve got plenty of time to grind out those last 10 ranks for some extra rewards. No trouble at all. Overall, it’s just a good time for getting reacquainted with the game.


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Grind some bounties and enjoy those destinations

If you’re looking to finish out your current season pass, or maybe just earn some Bright Dust, this is a good time to fill up on bounties and enjoy the current status quo before the year-four Destiny Content Vault goes into effect.


Mercury, Mars, Titan, Io, the Farm, and the Leviathan are going to vanish from the game for a while — who knows if we’ll ever see the Farm again? So take a moment to appreciate these places before they get “vaulted.”

And say goodbye to Gambit Prime, the Reckoning, Escalation Protocol, a number of Crucible modes, and the Menagerie — for now. (Gambit and Gambit Prime will be merged into a single, fast-paced version of the mode.)

Bank tokens, relax, and have some fun

If you’re after a particular legendary or a “god roll,” now’s a perfectly respectable time to go chasing after something like that. But I probably wouldn’t recommend exotic quests or a ton of endgame activities this close to a new status quo, new competitive metas, and so on.


Do some “admin” work; clean out your vault. I’ve got mine down to just 63 items after Luke Smith’s recent appearance on the Twitch talk show The Weekly, where he said transmogrification’s coming soon, and you won’t need a copy of a particular item to use its appearance.

Use those Crucible and Vanguard boons in your inventory and bank the tokens they give you when you finish strikes and Crucible matches. Those might help you rank up and get some sweet legendaries when Beyond Light unlocks. I’d hang on to gunsmith materials and exotic ciphers, too.

If you’re feeling a little bold, this might be the time to start a fresh character and fall in love with one of your old favorite classes or subclasses again. Relax and have fun.

A new era awaits on Europa.