Fallout 76: How to exit power armor

If you’ve found a power-armor chassis out in the wasteland, it’s yours as long as you want to hang onto it. — at least once you’ve climbed in and claimed it.

When you’re ready to step out of the exosuit and travel light for a bit — especially if you’re running low on fusion cores or don’t plan on doing much fighting — hold down the action button (X on PlayStation, A on Xbox, etc.) for a moment. This should make you exit the power armor.

If you stand outside the suit for more than 10 or 15 seconds, it’ll automatically be recalled into your player inventory.

The chassis is separate from any armor plates or accessories you have “stored” on it, and the whole suit should always weigh the same while stored. Removing individual pieces will add unnecessary weight to your stash or inventory.

Power armor is a large, vehicle-like suit that the player can step into — a kind of powered exoskeleton that makes you harder to kill, better protected against harsh elements in the environment (like radiation), and so on. It’s even more essential in Fallout 76 than previous installments in the series.

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To enter power armor you find in the open world, simply press or tap the action button to climb into the exosuit and claim it as your own. Once you’ve done this, it’s yours.

According to the original Fallout 76 strategy guide (which may be outdated by this point), you can relinquish ownership of power armor by “dropping it” from your inventory.

Power armor takes up about 10 pounds of weight in your inventory, but adds carrying capacity when you’re actually wearing it.

Crucially, it requires a single “fusion core” battery to power it. These are rare and expensive items found throughout the game world, and you’ll want to limit your time spent wearing the armor to when you’ve either got a lot of fusion cores or need the armor for a tough fight.

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