Hitman 3 Will Support PlayStation VR, Supports Previous "World of Assassination" Titles Too

Hitman 3, the final game in the "World of Assassination Trilogy" will offer PlayStation VR support when it launches in January 2020.

Players will be able to step into the sharp suit of Agent 47 and shoot, strangle, and dispose of bodies from a first-person view.

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Hitman 3 Adding PlayStation VR Functionality

Announced during Sony's latest State of Play stream, we see Agent 47 in the new Dubai level approaching his target and preparing his fibre wire before the demo ends.

It's worth noting that Agent 47 looks to have at least some degree of free-hand movement, suggesting that PlayStation Move controllers may be supported.

Perhaps most excitingly, PlayStation VR is coming to the rest of the "World of Assassination" franchise.

While Hitman 2 allowed importing of the 2016 reboot's levels, Hitman 3 looks set to do the same, allowing PSVR users to return to the likes of Paris or Santorini through Virtual Reality. 

Sony has already confirmed the status of many PS4 accessories on PS5, noting that most will only work with PS4 games.

Thankfully, Playstation VR will be supported on the PlayStation 5, and this trailer looked a lot clearer than many PSVR titles do. 

While this could be because it's not actual gameplay footage, we also wonder if the extra processing power of the PlayStation 5 will help to mitigate some of the "screen door" effects felt on current-gen VR games.

The game will also launch on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4, Windows and, somehow, Google Stadia.

Hitman is my favourite franchise, and while I own everything released so far, it's on Xbox. Being able to experience it in PlayStation VR might be just what I need to jump ship.

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