Hideo Kojima’s studio reveals that the answer to its big tease is Elle Fanning

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An image of Hideo Kojima and Elle Fanning.

If you're a big fan of Metal Gear and Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima, odds are you spent at least part of last month staring at an image of a woman with a blacked out face trying to work out just who she was.

Said image was the first step in hyping up Kojima Productions new game and prompted a range of Hollywood figures to be proposed by fans as possible answers to the question of the woman’s identity.

Now, thankfully and as reported by IGN, these fans have their answer, with a QR code at PAX Australia having provided the key to revealing that some theorists had been right on the money with their guesses.

Are you excited to see Elle Fanning star in a Kojima game?

The image, which first appeared on Kojima Productions’ website, gained an extra layer of mystery when the director tweeted “Who is ‘WHERE’?” alongside a similar image featuring the word ‘where’ instead of ‘who’ on the eve of the event, leading to a fair amount of confusion among commenters.

This same image appeared in person at the convention, accompanied by a QR code which people could scan in order to reveal an image of actress Elle Fanning, one of the original candidates outlined by fans.

Said image occupies its own page on Kojima Productions’ website in a similar fashion to its predecessor, meaning that you can go and gaze at it whenever you like.

Or, if you’re anything like the users of ResetEra, put together a poll with the goal of gauging which particular Kojima project your fellow fans believe Fanning is most likely to star in.

Said poll is currently trending overwhelmingly in favour of Death Stranding 2, which has amassed 235 out of 443 total votes as of time of writing, relegating Overdose to second place with 138 votes.

Meanwhile, the other two options in the poll, Metal Gear Solid V chapter three and Silent Hills, sit in a distant third and fourth, with neither having amassed more than 10% of the total vote.


Perhaps this debate will be the subject of Kojima’s next big tease, with another tweet from the enigmatic director suggesting that he isn’t done with these antics.

Regardless of which Kojima Productions project you think Fanning will be a part of, make sure to follow us for coverage of any other teases and tricks Kojima may have up his sleeve.

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