Hearthstone Classic is set to be replaced with a new mode

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Some Hearthstone cards.
Credit: Blizzard.

While many who love games from Blizzard have recently had their hands full with the freshly released Diablo 4, which packs plenty of tough challenges and interesting quests, some will inevitably be returning to Hearthstone once they’ve finished their tour in Hell.

No matter which cards have been a staple of your deck from day one, it’s always cool to switch things up once in a while and build one with some different strengths and weaknesses.

Expansions can offer a great chance to do this, by bringing changes to the game that force you to play a little differently, with one that's on the way at some point soon looking like it’ll definitely do just that.

Are you a fan of Hearthstone’s Classic mode?

While the game is currently constructed of four different modes, dubbed ‘Classic’, ‘Standard’, ‘Wild’ and ‘Casual’, this is set to change in a future update, which will essentially swap out one of them in favour of a brand new mode.

Called ‘Twist’, this mode will be taking the place of ‘Classic’ mode and, according to the game’s developers, will offer “some different game formats that rotate seasonally [and] could sometimes be ‘off’.”

The exact format of ‘Twist’ will seemingly be switched up at random points that could fall anywhere from one month to a full 12 months after its last change, possibly giving you another reason to keep checking in on the game at regular intervals.

Regardless of what the mode looks like at any given time, Blizzard claims that, in the long haul, it’ll provide: “occasional new rule sets or formats which [will] offer new gameplay updates for ranked players [and] a new way to use wild cards”.


That said, if you’re a big fan of ‘Classic’ mode or simply want to get some games in with friends for nostalgic purposes, you’ve still got time, as when exactly ‘Twist’ will debut in-game is yet to be confirmed.

So, get to building the best Hearthstone deck you can ahead of its arrival and make sure to check out the interview with Matt London and Chadd Nervig, two of the game’s Lead Designers, that will be popping up on our site soon.

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