Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: Skill Trees And Spells Content Update

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an augmented reality game for mobile made by Niantic, the creators of Pokemon Go and Ingress Prime.

It's based around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

A new update will be bringing some cool features, here's what we know.

Skill Tree And Spells Update

Niantic, the developers of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite have announced that players that are levels 4 and higher will get access to a new SOS Training skill trees and spells.

All players will be able to unlock these lessons, no matter their professions.


Mastery is new to the game, this skill will increase the strength of your spells.

Departure Denial will reduce the chances that they will get away successfully.

Potion Effect will make your potions stronger.

Lastly, Brew Time Reduction will reduce the time it takes to brew potions.


There are a new group of spells, Field Charms.

Trace Charm will show Traces when used on an existing Trace.

The Inn Charm will conjure more Spell Energy when cast on an Inn.

The Greenhouse Charm gives rare Potion Ingredients when used on a Greenhouse.


Field Guides, Ministry Manuals, and Defense Against the Dark Arts Books are new resources that can be used to unlock the new skills.

You can get your hands on the first two by returning Foundables and putting images in the Registry.

Defence Against the Dark Arts Books can be rewarded by taking part in events.

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