Halloween Has Arrived In Destiny

Halloween has arrived in Destiny, as Bungie invites all Guardians to the ‘Festival of the Lost’.

This mini Halloween party, which last until the 9th of November, is to “celebrate the spirits of the dead, guardians and citizens alike” and to “commemorate their sacrifices and treasure their memories.” 

So what does the “Festival of the Lost” offer Guardians?


A total of 17 mask have been identified and collected via quests issued by Eva Levante. Players will need to collect and wear specific masks while defeating enemies or completing challengers to earn more rewards.

An important piece of information is that ‘Blue’/’Rare’ masks will disappear after the festival is over. In order to keep them forever you’ll need to level them up to ‘Purple/’Legendary’ status by using the unique item, ‘Paper Glue’ that is available as a random drop in ‘Treasure of the Lost’ bags (available at Eververse) or by dismantling ‘Purple’/‘Legendary’ festival items.


According to Bungie’s website, Guardians need to “fill (their) goodie bag(s) with candy that can be consumed for temporary buffs. The candy will spoil at the end of the festival, so enjoy the treat before they go stale.” 


Tess Everis has added a few more spooky emotes to her collection that can be purchased with Destiny’s new “silver” currency. These include BOO, Monster Dance and Zombie Dance (The Thriller Dance).

Cathedral of Dusk:

Cathedral of Dusk is a brand new Crucible map. According to Bungie’s website, “Lord Shaxx’s Redjacks have entered the Dreadnaught, clearing a path to the area known as the Cathedral of Dusk. The Warlocks believe this vile site was a tomb, a place Oryx never thought the Light would touch. But now the Light is here, and Shaxx has claimed the Cathedral of Dusk as a new space to prepare for war.” 


Finally, on Bungie’s website there are some downloadable templates so players can create their own Festival of The Lost masks. 

Check out those templates as well as all the Festival of The Lost information here.

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