Half-Life Alyx Review: Will The Game Be As Good As We Hope?

Valve Software’s Half-Life: Alyx isn't far from launch and will be subject to scrutiny, opinion and praise as the reviews start to roll in.

Half-Life is a first-person shooter developed by Valve, published by Sierra Studios for Windows in 1998.

As we look to Half-Life: Alyx to fill the void that Half-Life 3 has yet to fill, many will want to know if it's worth getting

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We haven’t had the opportunity to play and review Alyx ahead of release.

Based on Valve's past work in the franchise, it's hard to imagine this not being a success.

With the amount of money a player may need to invest, it could put many off of getting involved until it releases in a non-VR format or on a console.


What Is Half-Life Alyx

Valve's history with VR has been relatively tame, but the announcement of a "flagship VR title" suggests that the studio will have other games coming out in the medium to accompany Alyx.

While this is only a prequel to Half-Life 2, it is a pleasant turn of events for fans looking to jump back into the world of Gordon Freeman.

Valve says the game will focus on Alyx Vance and her father Eli's fight against the Combine, an alien race that has occupied Earth.

Past Half-Life games didn't make it entirely clear how the Combine came to enslave humanity following the events of the first game, where they didn't feature at all, so we may get some insight into how things got as bad as they did.


Why Will This Game Succeed?

Half-Life 2 was virtually the perfect sequel to the original game.

Half-Life 2 is a linear shooter with most of the refinements one would expect from years of work.

 The impressive production values ensured that Half-Life 2 was a magnificent, dramatic experience that few games could compete with at launch.

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Half-Life 2 received some pretty amazing reviews:

  • 9.5/10 from IGN
  • 10/10 from Steam
  • 9.4/10 from Gamespot

If Half-Life 2’s review is anything to go by, the upcoming game is going to be absolutely incredible.


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