God of War 2 set for PS5 event reveal? Director Cory Barlog is getting cryptic on Twitter

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We don't want to panic anyone, but God of War director Cory Barlog might be teasing some sort of God of War 2 reveal (Via GamesRadar), ahead of tonight's PS5 Event.

It all stems from a series of rather cryptic images on Twitter, as the director went about changing his profile pictures.


We know, it's not the most concrete lead, but stick with us.

The first image, his profile picture, looks to have been changed to a sort of marble background, whilst his background banner is now some sort of book with Latin text - some of which has been heavily redacted.

Again, we'd suggest people not start counting their chickens yet, but it does seem somewhat peculiar. Not least doing it on the eve of PlayStation's big Sony PS5 showcase. We're also not the only ones who think something is going on. 

Equally, this same event is predicted to be 40 minutes long, and we doubt they need that long to simply reveal the PS5 price, release date, and pre-order dates.


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God of War left the door wide-open for a potential sequel

Over the past year, we've also seen a series of Sony Santa Monica job listings that have all but confirmed something is brewing.


Not that it should come as too much of a surprise that the PlayStation studio would be working on a sequel to such a critical and commercial success.

For the sake of keeping our powder dry, we'd imagine that any reveal we could see will still be relatively short and likely a cinematic. Something akin to the Spider-Man trailer we saw in 2016 at E3. A tease that is enough to rouse an audience, but not get carried away.

So put those lofty dreams of any gameplay at this stage on ice, because we're under no illusion that the game is still in early development.

Even then, if we get a cinematic of Kratos shouting "BOY" whilst a camera pans over some marble with 'God of War 2' superimposed over the top, it will probably be enough to send us into rapturous screams.


For now, keep it locked to Gfinity's website for all the PlayStation news as it drops tonight, especially if we're on hand to show you where to get your PS5 pre-order in before anyone else.