Gears of War Remaster Coming to Xbox One, According to Sources

There may be no official word back yet, but sources have stated that Black Tusk Studios and Microsoft are in the process of developing a remastered version of the original Gears of War game.

Polygon broke the story a little earlier today, stating that the alleged title will ship with completely updated visuals and reworked cutscenes by the animation studio, Plastic Wax, and that they had seen stills of the project. This is similar to the treatment recieved by 2014's Halo: The Master Chief Collection, also an Xbox One exclusive title. 

The rumour mill initially began running last year, reports of a "Marcus Fenix Collection" becoming somewhat widespread, aided in no small part by an accidental related Retweet by Xbox head Phil Spencer. Black Tusk Producer Rod Fergusson later came out and clarified that the Marcus Fenix Collection didn't exist, but that the studio were actively working on exciting Gears of Wars projects, further implying that news will be released at E3 this year.

The critically acclaimed third-person shooter franchise turns 10 next year. Interestingly, Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently stated that Microsoft plans on primarily focusing on first-party video game titles during its conference at E3 2015, adding further fuel to the fire.

According to additional sources, developer Splash Damage is reportedly working on the Gears of War remaster whilst Black Tusk Studios is in production of a new Gears of War title. The UK based studio is known for both Brink and Dirty Bomb.

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