Gears of War Creator Reveals New Game

Cliff Bleszinski’s new studio Boss Key Productions finally reveals new game titled, LawBreakers.

The free to play FPS is a post-apocalyptic game set on Earth after an event called “The Shattering,” causing the moon to split and altering the gravity on our planet. Players will either play for a gang called Breakers or The Law, who are the peace enforcers.

Low-gravity pockets in the maps will offer lots of opportunities for use of jet packs and grappling hooks to encourage vertical gameplay. The low gravity areas can even affect how your gun shoots and bullet direction. The studio boasts the game will feature fast-paced vertical gun battles with some maps not offering environments for ground combat.

LawBreakers will offer 5vs5 FPS competition. There will be a variety of weapons and players can choose from male or female characters. No actual gameplay was shown during the reveal, but a cinematic trailer was provided. There was also no information on possible micro-transactions, but the game is set to appear in a playable form at PAX Prime this weekend.

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