Game of Thrones Episode Two: Review

Whether they’re getting their skulls caved in or heads lopped off, the characters in Game of Thrones must live their lives in sheer terror.

Until December, it seemed like the only safe family in the kingdom was the elusive Forresters. That is, until Telltale Games got a hold of them.

In true dramatic fashion, Iron from Ice was a brutal, hard-hitting, gripping yarn that toyed with our emotions every step of the way. Our review was very favourable and definitely got us thinking about some very exctiing future possibilities.

The Lost Lords, however, definitely slows the tempo down considerably from the adrenaline-fuelled first few hours.

We start the episode off in Essos, being introduced to another member of the Forrester household, Asher. First impressions definitely won’t put him in the same category as Mira or Ethan as Asher is a clear gun-for-hire, with a disregard for anything that doesn’t come attached to gold. He’s unquestionably the black sheep of the family, but someone who is certain to play a major role in events to come.

Meanwhile, we’re drawn further into the blood and politics of Kings Landing as Mira, Marjorie’s hand-maiden, continues to secretly discuss terms with Tyrion Lannister, and the fallout of Episode One proves to have massive consequences for the future of Ironwood.

Perhaps most interestingly, however, as you’ll have seen in most of the trailers, players will get to visit The Wall for the first time and interact with the man who knows nothing, Jon Snow.

There’s plenty going on in The Lost Lords, but the pace is a lot slower. For some, that may be a difficult pill to swallow considering the two month gap between episodes. Sadly we don’t have a mere week between the large cliff-hangers, and for the added wait time, people will generally expect more.

Still, I felt The Lost Lords delivered, and it has created some very interesting story threads for future episodes. There are some weighted decisions to be made here, and previous decisions that you’ve already made have certainly impacted the world. You will get the feeling that bigger things are coming, and just like the TV show, they’re going to hit hard. But build-up is important and this episode will certainly have served its purpose as we move closer to the conclusion of the Forrester’s narrative arc.

Having said that, without going into spoiler territory, I found the emotional impact of the final sequence completely lacking. It’s a moment created entirely for reflection and sadness, however, you’ll probably find yourselves sniggering. There’s a particular song written and sung by one of the characters and the lyrics are in a word, laughable.

Let’s just say George R.R. Martin would probably demand the game be pulled and the song rewritten if he actually had some time to play the episodes.

Still, the rest of The Lost Lords was an interesting journey. The characters are really starting to come into their own and are finding their place in the world, and you’ll be in thick of some challenging decision-making. While it didn’t rock us to the core like Iron from Ice, The Lost Lords continues to establish the Forrester legacy, and it’s one we’re certain not to forget before this season is over and done with.  

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