Free Game: Titan Souls By Devolver Digital Offered Through Steam

Devolver Digital's Titan Souls is an indie darling. There is no such thing as a bad free video game, as can be seen at many online stores. Free titles are common when businesses are trying to expand their markets and gain new fans, which builds goodwill with existing customers.

Devolver Digital is having a sale on Steam after hosting an E3 showcase. The list contains a wide range of indie hits from various developers, including Croteam and DeadToast Entertainment. The Steam version of Titan Souls by Acid Nerve is currently available for free through Steam.

Titan Souls is free on Steam

While there are already a few free-to-play titles on Steam and plenty of discounts during the summer, games are almost never offered for free. This is in contrast to Epic Games Store, one of its biggest competitors. The PC gaming giant, Steam, has an enormous share of the market.

However, Epic Games has established an enormous foothold in the market with several different strategies. First, the distributor distributes games for free (usually triple-a) once a week to keep players' attention.

As many of Devolver Digital's games are on sale during E3, they also open up pre-orders for new titles that are coming out soon. The company is also developing Death's Door, a darker RPG than Titan Souls, and is available for pre-purchase now.

As a solid addition to a player's collection, Titan Souls is an excellent option if he or she is looking for more challenging games. Unfortunately, the deal only lasts until June 15, which is the end of E3. Titan Souls is a 2D, top-down indie action game with a straightforward premise: A nameless hero fights giant monsters with only a bow and arrow.

The challenge is to exploit the weaknesses of these gigantic bosses, as with other boss fight-heavy games like Shadow of the Colossus. Because of its difficulty and title, players could also compare Titan Souls to Dark Souls. According to Steam's user review tracker, the title has received "mostly positive" reviews in the past.

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