The return of Tilted Towers’ is no longer Fortnite’s worst kept secret

Tilted Towers in Fortnite
Credit: Epic Games

Tilted Towers in Fortnite
Credit: Epic Games

An official Fortnite trailer has confirmed the return of the game's 2018-era map and several classic features that fans have been begging for. Many are excited but hardly surprised as leakers have been sharing this information for weeks in advance.

Released November 2nd, 2023 as a teaser for the season beginning the following day, the trailer prominently features Tilted Towers to get players excited to jump back into the battle royale. Lore-wise, it seems we're being treated to this old map thanks to some time travel shenanigans.

The map is undoubtedly the trailer's main attraction, so it's easy to miss the other long-awaited confirmations. All terrain karts and shopping carts will make their way back to the game as vehicles, while the SCAR and pump action shotgun are seen blasting enemy players to dust.

Nostalgia bait is no excuse for regressive game design, however, and Epic Games has retained some of the quality of life mechanics present in modern Fortnite. Players were nervous to see if sprinting, mantling, and other traversal mechanics would stay in the game, and the trailer confirms they're here to stay.

Reboot vans are also spotted at the 20 second mark, and their inclusion means players will thankfully still be able to revive their teammates. It's easy to view the game's early days with rose-tinted glasses, but helplessly spectating teammates after being executed by an enemy was no fun at all.

It's easy to forget a time before Fortnite was the face of battle passes and massive crossovers. We aren't given many clues to what the next big crossover or live in-game performance will be, but the time travel aspect definitely opens the portal-shaped door to an interesting future.

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As always, the immensely popular battle royale is free to play. There's no better time to jump into the game and see how it all started or return to it if you want an easy bump of nostalgia.

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