Campaign to save "Save the World" Started By Fortnite Players

A recent State of Development Blog by Epic Games has confirmed PvE game mode Save the World will receive less content development after its release.

This is probably due to the fact that the Save the World game mode does not attract as many players as the Battle Royale mode.

However, Save the World has a dedicated community of players who feel disappointed and betrayed by Epic's latest announcement.

A Reddit thread with over 2500 upvotes voices the disappointment of the Save the World community.

The save "Save the World" campaign is hoping to generate enough attention that Epic reconsider their decision.

The community feel as if Epic has forgotten about the mode as it does not generate as much attention as their Battle Royale.

The Save the World community was expecting a number of big changes with the game coming out of early access.

However, the games full release has instead come alongside announcements that it will be receiving less content.

Although Epic Games has stated Save the World is not being abandoned, a content drought will no doubt damage the community for the mode.

Save the World
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Courtesy of Epic Games

PCGamesN reached out to Epic Games on the subject and they provided no comment.

Epic Games had made a number of tweets and updates suggesting that Save the World will be receiving significant content.

For the Save the World community, they feel as if Epic has betrayed their trust.

Hopefully Epic address the Save the World community and provide some clarity surrounding any upcoming content.

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