FIFA 21: New Official Ultimate Team Trailer Reveals New Features

A brand new trailer for FIFA 21's Ultimate Team was released earlier today.

It revealed a set of new features coming to FUT and overall changes coming with FIFA 21.

Let's check what the trailer revealed and what we can expect in FIFA 21.

The Trailer

The trailer was released at 4 pm BST on Monday, August 10th.

Check out the FUT 21 Official Trailer below:

New Features And Details

Social Events

The trailer revealed a range of new features for FUT coming with the latest FIFA title.

For starters, FUT Events, Community Events and Co-op was revealed.

These events offer players a chance to earn rewards as a community.

As the trailer states, 'welcome to the most social FIFA Ultimate team ever.'

The Co-op mode looks particularly interesting and allows you and a friend to team up against other players or AI.

This will allow players to compete together and make the overall FUT experience more social.

More ways to play with your mates 🎮🎮A brand new home to make your own 🏟And opportunities to team up with the #FUT community 🤝Welcome to #FUT21. The most social FIFA Ultimate Team ever
August 10, 2020

Meaningful Moments

The feature 'Meaningful Moments,' will allow the gameplay of FIFA to represent the real world of football in a more accurate manner.

Special changes will be made to cards like Team of the Week based on how certain players have performed in the real world of footballing.

For example, if Cristiano Ronaldo scores a few amazing free kicks, his free-kick rating will be increased dramatically to mirror his play.

This adds an element of depth to FIFA that we have yet to see in previous titles.

The Removal Of Fitness And Training Cards

FUT 21 is scrapping fitness items as a whole.

If a player gets worn out in a game, you'll no longer have to worry.

They'll be fit and ready to start the next game and go for the win.

On top of that, training cards have been removed as the vast majority of players were not utilising them.


The trailer didn't reveal many details surrounding new modes in FUT 21.

However, EA have stated more details will be released on the subject over August.

Keep your eyes peeled for any new content being released on the Offical EA FIFA Youtube channel.

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