Massive Fallout 4 mod The Fens Sheriff's Department now has its own workshop pack

A selection of the Fens Sheriff's Department workshop items in Fallout 4.
Credit: Damanding/Crayonkit and MunkySpunk on Nexus Mods.

A selection of the Fens Sheriff's Department workshop items in Fallout 4.
Credit: Damanding/Crayonkit and MunkySpunk on Nexus Mods.

When they’re not gathering alchemical ingredients, hunting for unique weapons, or fiddling with their power armour, Fallout 4’s Sole Survivor can often be found fending off the many dangers of The Commonwealth.

Whether it’s pre-war Chinese soldiers lurking below the soil, fearsome raider bosses looking for their next victim or imposing Brotherhood of Steel gunships patrolling the skies, the sheer range of enemies inhabiting the wasteland makes just staying alive a minor miracle and ensures that you’ll relish the relative safety offered by settlements.

If you’re a vault dweller who’s recently fought their way through a massive quest mod that arrived earlier this month and are now treating yourself to a well-earned rest behind your base’s automated defences, a new mod might be worth taking a look at.

Feel like you need a taste of Fallout 4’s The Fens Sheriff's Department in your humble abode?

The mod in question is called ‘The Fens Sheriff's Department - Workshop Pack’ and is the work of modders Damanding and MunkySpunk. The former’s previous work has helped add loads of new clutter to the game’s workshops, while the latter has given you the chance to install working aquariums in your crib.

This time, they’ve teamed up to bring a bunch of assets from MunkySpunk’s massive mod ‘The Fens Sheriff's Department - Bleachers 2’, which, as you can see in the video below, brings an array of new quests, locations and NPCs to the game, to workshops across The Commonwealth, providing you with the means to give your homes and townships a makeover in the style of the mod.

Among the furniture included in the mod is everything from beds made from Nuka Cola crates to sofas resembling the stylish rear bumpers of hot rods and even barstools that resemble different kinds of bottle caps, ensuring that your condo or shack’s interior will definitely look pretty chic.

Alongside these larger items are a bunch of smaller decorations and clutter that’ll help make your residence look even more unique, with the likes of Vault-Tec liveried plates and Nuka Cola Quantum-themed wall hangings ensuring those who enjoy garish colours are in for an especially good time.

While there’s more than enough stock currently in the mod’s arsenal to revamp your pad several times over, it’s also worth keeping an eye on it going forwards, with MunkySpunk declaring: “Expect many more items to be added in the near future.”

In order to ensure you can start your interior design odyssey, you’ll first need to grab both the aforementioned quest mod and cadpnq’s ‘Settlement Menu Manager’, with Damanding and MunkySpunk also recommending TheLich’s ‘Place Everywhere’.

Regardless of whether your Sole Survivor is now channelling their inner Kevin McCloud to create their dream dwelling, make sure to follow us for more updates on interesting mods like this one for Skyrim and Cyberpunk 2077. You can also check out our mods of the month for January 2023.

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