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Fallout 4 Has Been Revealed, Gets Trailer

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Fallout 4 has officially been revealed by Bethesda, and is currently confirmed to be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Yesterday, we reported that a teaser site had gone live portraying a countdown that ran out today at 3PM BST, with only the clue that it was to be something Fallout related. Shortly afterwards, went live linking back to the same countdown, all but confirming that Fallout 4 was to get a big reveal.

The Fallout 4 website showed off the below image, featuring series staples such as a Nuka Cola vending machine and Enclave armoured soldier. 

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The Reveal

The 3PM reveal has taken place, showing off the game with a wonderful new trailer. 

Details are scant at this current point, with the majority of information confirmed to be unleashed upon the world during Bethesda's E3 Press Conference (taking place June 14th at 3AM BST) in what is expected to be a major gameplay reveal alongside developer commentary.


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