Fallout 4: DLC Breakdown and Price Increase Announced

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Fallout 4: DLC Breakdown and Price Increase Announced

In an announcement made yesterday, Bethesda have teased us with the initial details of the first DLC drop of Fallout 4, while also explaining that the Season Pass will now hold an increased, £39.99 ($49.99), price tag.


For those who already purchased the season pass at £24.99 ($29.99), you will still receive all the content at the original price. If your pockets can’t afford the increase, make sure you buy your season pass before March 1st in order to score the lower price tag.

Regardless of when you buy Fallout 4’s upcoming season pass, Bethesda promises $60 of add-on content. The first three DLC packs are detailed below.

March will bring chaos with Automatron £7.99 ($9.99)

This first instalment will bring a plethora of evil robots to the wasteland. Hunt the robots down, scavenge their parts, and use the pieces to build your own robot companions. Want to give your custom robot personality? Custom paint, voice options, and hundreds of mods will be at your fingertips.



April will be all about the Wasteland Workshop £3.99 ($4.99)

Now you’ll be able to design and set cages to trap all of the wasteland’s baddies—from raiders to the even scarier Mirelurk Queens and Deathclaws. Deathclaw Fight Club, anyone? Wasteland Workshop will also present new design options for sprucing up your settlements such as new lighting and taxidermy.



May offers the mysteries of Far Harbor £19.99 ($24.99)

A case from Valentine’s Detective Agency puts you on the trail of a missing woman and secret colony of synths. The highly radiated coast of Maine will bring you face to face with even more feral enemies. Bethesda boasts Far Harbor as their largest landmass add-on with new quests, settlement locations, creatures and dungeons to explore. And of course, for more dangerous wasteland enemies, Bethesda offers higher-level armour and weapons to meet your needs.

In addition to the paid DLC, Bethesda states they’ll continue to offer free updates and new features such as a modified Survival Mode. A Creation Kit is also in testing which would allow players to create and play mods for free.

It sounds like Bethesda have teased a great variety of content, with the most intriguing being Far Harbor.


Are you excited for the add-ons, and what other content would you love to see included?

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