Update: Evil Dead: The Game Reportedly Delayed To 2022

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Update - 06/10/21:

The team behind Ash's cyber adaptation just confirmed the delay of Evil Dead: The Game to February 2022.

The pushback is to ensure more polishing and even add a single-player option:

Original story follows:

One of the surprising reveals of the year came in the form of Evil Dead: The Game. Its presentation at Summer Games Fest 2021 showcased dazzling violence, influenced by co-op and PvP action.

Despite signifying a 2021 release date, Ash Williams himself, Bruce Campbell revealed that the game could be pushed back into the next calendar year.

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Evil Dead: The Game could come out next year

On Campbell's KEEP YOUR DISTANCE Tour, he celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the Evil Dead franchise with a Q&A.

As well as admitting his appearance in Sam Raimi's Doctor Strange sequel, he spoke positively of the upcoming title based on the cult horror franchise:

The game is surprisingly good. It is. I’m supposed to say it’s good, right? But I don’t have to say how good it is. It’s actually… all you gaming b******* will be very happy for the wait. I think it’s February 2022.

When deducing why the game may be delayed, he exclaimed an "upgrade" is the possible reason:

Because they finally are going to do one upgrade so they can be as ******* as any other game out there. That’s the problem with these games. They make a game and they’re like, ‘Oh crap, the platform is outmoded!’ And then a year goes by. ‘Okay, we’re ready — oh crap, that’s outmoded, too!’ I did a whole game, recorded hours and hours and hours, by the time the game came out, no one had that platform anymore. It just died. Okay. Technology, you know? It changes.”

The upgrade could be referring to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S adjustments. This could mean that Saber Interactive is working on a next-gen patch for the game and integrating it before the installment's release. Thus, resulting in the delay of the game into 2022.

Saber has yet to comment on the supposed delay officially, so groovy fans may want to wait until then.