Epic Reveals New Features Coming To Epic Games Store

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The Epic Games Store is getting some long-awaited upgrades, Epic has confirmed.

The digital storefront, which has been steadily gaining users thanks to handing out free games weekly, will receive a bevy of new features as revealed in a new blog post.

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Epic Reveals New Features Coming To Epic Games Store

While many players rely on Discord for cross-game chat, the Epic Games Store will soon implement voice and text chat.

Coupled with that will be a Do Not Disturb mode, a new social search, and customisable player cards – all of which are slated for this month.

Epic is also working on a host-less party system, allowing drop-in, drop-out comms for all players in a group, and controls handled via a dedicated 'party window'.

'In this window you’ll have a host of options with your friends and teammates to communicate and play,' the blog explains.

'Share your latest highlights to convince your friends to play a game with you or kick off a match with only a few friends in the group while being able to continue talking to your entire Party.'

DMs, known as Whispers, are being removed in favour of adding "improved functionality" in the future.


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