Diablo Themed Heroes of the Storm Content Announced

Eternal Conflict is coming to Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm.

Last week it was announced that a new hero from Diablo would be joining the Heroes of the Storm roster of playable characters - Johanna the Crusader. Now, we can expect a slew of additional updates and releases to co-incide with thise one, bulking out the amount of Diablo based content in the MOBA-brawler hybrid title with maps, skins, mounts and new heroes.

The Butcher from Diablo 3 is confirmed to be entering as a new playable character, acting under the melee assassin archetype, and an additional map in the form of the Battlefield of Eternity is also listed.

The Butcher has a full list of abilities available below. (Sourced from Heroesnexus)

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The Battlefield of Eternity is a two lane map, focusing on teamfight centric gameplay. Two boss creatures will battle against one another until players intervene - the winner will join its team in-lane to ad them in pushing the opposing towers and base.

There are numerous camps, including a Siege Golem Camp and a Bruiser Camp. These camps have been given a lick of Diablo coloured paint to add a further little easter egg for dedicated Diablo players.

Blizzard have noted that they aim to release new heroes every 3 - 4 weeks at the moment, and that additional playable maps are currently under construction with no real timeframe for completion available at this time.

The event is currently scheduled to head to beta on June 23rd, with a full release rolling out on June 30th if no major issues present themselves during the beta period.

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