Diablo 4 player trading suspended due to gold and item duplication exploit (updated)

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Lilith and an item in Diablo 4.
Credit: Blizzard.

Though the arrival of Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant was arguably overshadowed by a controversial patch, plenty of players have still delved into it and set about trying to take their characters to the next level.

With patch 1.1.1 having been deployed on August 8, players have been eagerly checking out how its array of changes have affected the experience the game offers ahead of patch 1.1.2’s arrival later this week.

Currently, however, those loading into Hell are having to forgo trading with one another while a fix for an exploit is worked on.

Have you been doing much trading with other Diablo 4 players?

In a post on the Blizzard forums, Diablo 4 Community Manager filthierich announced:

We’ve suspended player trading in Diablo IV until further notice due to a gold and item duplication exploit. We are working on a fix to amend this issue and will update you once we’ve reinstated the ability to trade. Once that is done, we will continue to monitor this activity to ensure a healthy playing experience for all. As always, any account that engages in gold and item duplication exploits will be actioned in accordance with our End User License Agreement.
We thank you for reporting this exploit to us and your patience.

The same message has been posted to the game’s subreddit, with Community Manager SinfulScribe having also clarified that “players who accidentally traded with a player found using the exploit won't be actioned against.”

The response to the Reddit post has seen several players suggest that they’d noticed the exploit in question affecting the prices of items being traded via community Discord servers, such as Sanctuary, over the past few days.

Just prior to the trading suspension, some of the team behind the ‘Sanctuary-Diablo 4 Community’ Discord server, which is officially partnered with Blizzard, announced that they’ve begun working on an “open source trading website” for the game.

In the Reddit post announcing this, user HandofZakarum cited “the daily challenges Discord throws at us” as the motivation behind the project, which will aim to provide a safe and transparent place for players to trade items.


Update: Diablo Global Community Development Director Adam ‘PezRadar’ Fletcher has now confirmed that trading has been re-enabled, following the deployment of a "a backend fix to address the exploit".

Regardless of how key trading items has been to your Diablo 4 experience so far, make sure to follow us for an array of guides to the Season of the Malignant’s items and quests.

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