Deviation Games Reportedly Developing a "World-Class FPS" PlayStation Exclusive

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According to new reports, Deviation Games is working on a "world-class" first-person shooter" for PlayStation, featuring a story-driven single-player campaign. That comes from Twitter user Oops Leaks, who's previously been responsible for several accurate leaks.

Detailing this further, Oops Leaks stated there'd be "many modes, confirming:

Deviation Games are working on a world-class FPS that is planned to be supported for years, if not generations. The project will receive many game modes, including heavily story-driven single-player campaigns and multiplayer aimed both for arcade modes and competitive ones.

Deviation Games Reportedly Developing a "World-Class FPS" PlayStation Exclusive

However, we shouldn’t expect too many details anytime soon, as Deviation's project is reportedly in the early stages of development. There's also a reported 2024 release window but unsurprisingly, neither Sony or Deviation has officially confirmed these details.

Deviation Games is led by former Treyarch heads Jason Blundell and Dave Anthony, who previously worked on numerous Call of Duty games. Only time will tell if this new game ends up making an impact, but we can’t wait to see what this new team gets up to.

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