Details For Cancelled 'The Thing' Game Sequel Revealed

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As various games are being adapted into films through most recently Sonic The Hedgehog and Monster Hunter, it is a very rare occasion to go the other way round. 2002's The Thing strayed away from this formula, as it acted as a sequel to the original film, but in the format of a video game.

Bouncing off the 1982 picture's ambiguous ending, the game carried John Carpenter's story forwards. A sequel to the 2002 game was in development but was eventually cancelled. Despite this, fans can catch a glimpse of what the project could have looked like.


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Concept art from The Thing game sequel emerges

Ron Ashtiani acted as a concept artist for the sequel and has disclosed artwork from the revoked production.

Some of the designs showcase some of the enemies that would be confronted in the game:


Some antagonists would "Burstout" by which, the alien parasite hosting certain animals and humans would erupt from within.

Certain imitations would secretly take over your teammates as they operate guns and weapons that could harm you, adding more tension to the gameplay.

Other artworks emphasized the scope of the instalment, as you can see the set pieces that would've been traversed during the progression of the campaign:

Computer Artworks was the studio working on the project. Due to financial issues, the office had to close down resulting in the suspension of the game.