Destiny's Prison of Elders Revealed

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Last week Destiny saw a major reveal in the form of upcoming PvP competitive game mode, The Trials of Osiris. Bungie showed off the new mode at their studio fully, including information on how players will progress through it, how it differs to the average crucible and the loot that can drop from it. This week, we saw a similar style reveal of the major PvE component of the House of Wolves expansion, the Prison of Elders.

Here are all the interesting points from the stream to take note of.


Story: You must complete all of the House of Wolves story missions to unlock the Prison of Elders.

Prison of Elders Settings: The base activity is a Lv28 arena. It's a 3 player matchmade activity. There's also a number non-matchmade challnge modes, currently revealed at lv 32, 43 and 35. Each challenge mode is completely different, to a total of 6. They rotate and alter on a weekly basis. You may run each and every one on every weekly reset. The base Lv28 version does not have a weekly lockout, with rewards being very similar to Vanguard Strikes (Marks, Engrams, Rep). 

Urrox's Grudge, the Lv34 Prison of Elders for week one was demo'd in the livestream.


Modifiers: Each room has a different modifier, such as slowing down super charges. Another gave primary weapons a buff and all other weapons a nerf. Guardian shields are increased but do not replenish is a third.

Waves: Rooms seem to be wave based survival arenas, with 3 waves per room. In the first room, Hive featuring multiple ogres featured as primary enemies. Respawns are available in the same way as during raids: with a 30 second delay.

Entering Solo: Bungie noted that players will be able to enter these activities solo if they so wish, enabling speedruns and challenge runs such as the ever-popular solo raids.

Critical Objective: Critical objectives occasionally show up, giving Guardians a quest they must perform as well as just surviving and killing enemies. One including defusing three Splinter Mines while being assaulted be Cabal.


Death: After the fireteam wipes, they will respawn at the start of the last room. Progress is saved once a room is cleared for that attempt. You may not leave to orbit and continue where you left off, though.

Scorch Cannon: The new relic. It's the giant cannon we've seen in promotional shots previously. Rockets can be charged up to unleash with even more power, sticking to enemies and detonating over time.

Gifts: Variks will occasionally present gifts, ranging from Heavy Ammo chests to the Scorch Cannon.


Vestian Dynasty: A secondary fast-firing legendary pistol, with special perks for use against Fallen was revealed.

Round Number: Five rooms/rounds were confirmed for the Prison of Elders run shown on the livestream.

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