YouTuber DanAllenGaming revealed to be infamous gaming leaker ‘TheRealInsider’

An image of YouTuber DanAllenGaming.

An image of YouTuber DanAllenGaming.

While the main news surrounding leaks in gaming over the past few days has mainly concerned GTA 6, one well-known leaker has now had their identity revealed.

Thanks to some hardcore sleuthing by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier and a mistake which saw him forget to switch Twitter accounts before replying to a post, Australian YouTuber DanAllenGaming has been outed as the person behind the now-deleted @TheReaIInsider account.

Allen has since taken to Twitter to apologise for adopting the persona.

Were you surprised to see the person behind ‘TheRealInsider’ be revealed?

In this apology, Allen states: “I’m sorry to everyone for my actions. I’m ashamed and disappointed in myself. I’ll be taking some time to reflect on my poor decisions, which will never occur again.”

He also adds: “To everyone that has supported me over the years, I’m truly sorry I let you down.

Under the guise of ‘TheRealInsider’, Allen had recently posted details regarding a number of Assassin’s Creed titles revealed at Ubisoft Forward events at which attendees were subject to an embargo, forcing them to delay publishing content related to what they’d been shown until a specific date.

Instead, using the anonymous @TheReaIInsider account, Allen broke the embargo to post the information early, earning a lot of social media attention and causing headaches for Forward attendees doing things by the book.

The mistake which kicked off the process of Allen being exposed as the person behind the account was a response to a question posed in the comments of one of the insider account’s posts, which Allen seemingly sent without switching back to the insider account from his personal account.

Following this, Jason Schreier took to Discord and dissected the recent posts of both Allen’s account and the insider account, pointing out similarities in terms of the games being discussed and even the writing style employed in the tweets, providing yet more evidence that both were being operated by the same person.

Regardless of how you feel about Twitter having one less anonymous leaker, make sure to follow us for coverage of Assassin’s Creed whenever more information emerges about the upcoming games in the series.

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