Cult of the Lamb hits one million players during its first week

An image of Cult of the Lamb's protagonist.

An image of Cult of the Lamb's protagonist.

Massive player counts are regularly bandied around the games industry, with titles like Apex Legends and Elden Ring having their huge communities highlighted regularly.

However, the point at which having a sizable audience is key, especially for single-player games, is the period immediately following the initial release, so it’s always nice to see indie titles making big strides right out of the gate.

The latest game to do just that is Cult of the Lamb, which has hit the coveted one million player mark during its opening week.

Massive Monster’s cult-based rogue-like has quickly become a massive monster

Taking to Twitter, the rogue-like’s developer, Massive Monster, celebrated hitting this milestone and thanked those who’ve picked up the game this far.

“We are eternally grateful for your devotion and our team is committed to improving the game with tweaks, fixes, and free major content updates.” said the developer, adding: “This is only the beginning as there's so much room for this Cult to grow!”

Users reacting to the news on ResetEra generally seemed to think the game deserves these impressive player numbers, with DNAbro saying: “Deserved. Only got past the first main boss but it’s a great time” and take_marsh adding: “Very very nice. I've been slowly wading my way into the game and it's been such a great time.”

Others cited the success as a positive sign regarding the independent games market, with user BabyDontHurtMe declaring: “Great to see the game become a huge hit. Love when indies sell well” and cw_sasuke adding: “This really is the best time line where indie games can be a million seller a couple (of) days post-launch. Dope.”

On the other hand, a smattering of players on both Twitter and ResetEra highlighted some minor fixes that they’d like to see implemented into the game going forwards, with Portuguese subtitles for the Nintendo Switch version being the main desire on Twitter and some ResetEra users citing having encountered bugs on both consoles and Switch.

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