Leak Reveals COD 2022 Will Be A Modern Warfare 2019 Sequel

Despite the focus being firmly on the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, leaks are already beginning to emerge surrounding the next instalment of the franchise that will be releasing in 2022. Following on from a leak involving NVIDIA GeForce NOW, the internal codename for COD 2022 has reportedly been found. Known as "Project Cortez," the game is rumoured to be a sequel to 2019's Modern Warfare, one of the most successful releases in the storied first-person shooter series.

The leak comes from notable Call of Duty leaker and industry insider Tom Henderson, who has an impressive track record when it comes to uncovering information.

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COD 2022 Code Name

Soldiers Fighting In Streets of Picadilly in Modern Warfare 2019
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Project Cortez was one of several titles discovered within GeForce Now and was listed as a published title by Activision Blizzard and developed by Infinity Ward, seemingly confirming the project to be 2022's Call of Duty release. Henderson corroborated the information, stating that the game is "expected to be a sequel to Modern Warfare 2019."

Codenames are nothing new when it comes to unreleased Call of Duty titles. The codename for Warzone was Magma while the name for Black Ops Cold War prior to its release was Zeus. Other than the codename, there is no specific information surrounding Call of Duty 2022.

COD 2022 Campaign

According to a report by VGC News, the Cortez codename is a reference to 1994 movie Clear and Present Danger, starring Harrison Ford. The main antagonist in the movie is Colonel Félix Cortez. The report also states that the single-player storyline will revolve around special forces fighting a war against Columbian drug cartels.

When Will COD 2022 Be Revealed?

It's difficult to predict when a new Call of Duty title will be revealed but based on previous years, we can determine an approximate date as to when we will hear more information on the game. The first Vanguard trailer was unveiled in August 2021 so we can assume that COD 2022 will be revealed at some point in August 2022.

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