Skyrim modder adds entire Christmas adventure exploring a snow globe

Two characters from Skyrim's christmas mod, Spirit of Saturalia - A Christmas Quest

Two characters from Skyrim's christmas mod, Spirit of Saturalia - A Christmas Quest

Modders of Skyrim have been working hard throughout the eleven years the game's been out. Such a dedicated community is naturally going to celebrate the festive season.

From Lord of the Rings characters to the yassification of Riften, plenty of delightfully-creative additions have been made to the world of Tamriel.

If you're the type of person desperate to get into the festive spirit in Skyrim, we've got just the mod for you. Take a seat, grab some festive cakes, and have a delightful little Christmas adventure thanks to this mod.

Does your Skyrim playthrough need a bit more festive flavour?

The mod in question is called Spirit of Saturalia - A Christmas Quest, and plonks you in a beautiful fantasy snow-globe world.

Modder wSkeever is a pretty prolific creator too, having made mods on all manner of weird and wonderful Skyrim goings-on. From adding garlic to the game to fishing wherever you want, wSkeever has it all in their locker.

Still, this might be one of the more impressive and high-effort mods in their library, with an entire mission dedicated to the festive season. This fully voice-acted quest puts a magical snow globe in your inventory, and examining it plonks you directly into a stunning snow globe world.

From there, you can decorate your home with all manner of custom assets, receive a thoughtful Christmas gift from Satie, and make sure everything's as perfect as possible for the festive season.

You'll need to have a few other mods installed, including the mod that provides the Christmas outfits, and it's well worth installing a bit of festive flora to enhance the experience that bit more.

Regardless of whether you’re donning your Santa hat or humbugging your way to Tiny Tim's, we have plenty to keep your mind occupied. From the latest info on The Elder Scrolls 6 to the even more bizarre Skyrim mods, we have you covered this Christmas. You can also check out our mods of the month for December if you fancy a bit of a trip into the fantastic world of modding.

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