Steam users in some regions angered by apparent Capcom price increases

An image of some Capcom stonks.

An image of some Capcom stonks.

How much you’re prepared for a game depends on a lot of factors, but, generally speaking, when it comes to anything that isn’t a new release or rare classic, players tend to look for bargains when possible.

Sometimes these bargains can be found on Steam, especially if there’s a sale on. However, it seems that some Capcom fans in certain regions are having some issues with the platform’s prices right now.

No matter whether you’re after a classic Resident Evil or if you’re into Devil May Cry, it seems that you might end up paying more than you bargained for.

Players express disappointment over price changes in Capcom’s back catalogue

The problem has been highlighted in a thread on ResetEra, which began with a post from user Chairmanchuck, who posted an image of the price increases in Argentina, captioning it: “For Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, (and) Turkey, (they’ve) raised the prices. For Colombia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Peru, (and) Uruguay, they did some mix where they raised a few prices, but not others.”

Other users reacted pretty negatively to this news, with Lashley saying: “For PC being their ‘main platform going forward’, they've made some (bad) decisions so far” and Mocha Joe adding: “Capcom was pretty good with regional pricing before I believe? So this is super disappointing to see. Hell, I think Argentina even had a good chunk of their overall sales one year?”

The thread also featured an extensive discussion of the practice of ‘region hopping’ on Steam in order to acquire games more cheaply, which price rises like this are often cited as combatting, with Mocha Joe saying: “it’s hilarious how people (even on Era too) still think it's possible to region hop on Steam anytime you want. When, in fact, the first google search result for ‘Steam regional pricing’ is an article stating that you can't do it anymore.”

Despite this assertion, it still seems as though this can be a problem, with user --R suggesting that some people go as far as buying specific steam cards to get around the platform’s rules regarding payment methods for certain regions.

Meanwhile, user Bigkrev offered a possible alternative explanation for the price increase, saying: “Seems like a strategy to jack up the price of their back catalogue? Maybe because they have data that shows no one buys them when they aren't on sale, and this allows them to do bigger sales?”

Regardless of the motivation, fans in these regions certainly aren’t happy.

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