Does The Season 2 Cinematic Trailer Tease A New Warzone Map?

The first cinematic trailer for Season Two of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone has gone live.

The trailer reveals plenty of information in regards to the new content arriving across both titles, including brand-new additions to the weapon arsenal, new Operators, and so much more.

While the trailer contains minimal information regarding what’s arriving in Season Two of Warzone, there are a few sections that may be laying the foundations for the arrival of a brand-new map alongside further developments in the ongoing feud between Adler and Stitch.

After watching the trailer several times over, does it tease the release of a brand-new map?

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New Warzone Map In Season 2?

Warzone New Map Season 2
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The rumour of a new Warzone map arriving imminently is nothing new.

Widely believed to feature all of the Fireteam maps from Black Ops Cold War alongside some classic points of interest from previous Black Ops titles, it’s believed that a new map could arrive as soon as Season Two.

During the cinematic trailer, Stitch comes over the radio to Naga, instructing the operator to “make them believe we care about the Nova 6 supply lines.” While this does sound like an integral part of the current Warzone story, it does imply that Stitch and his band of supporters have something much bigger planned.

What could be bigger than the launch of a deadly chemical weapon into the atmosphere? Perhaps Stitch has knowledge of the nuclear missile nestled away within the confines of Bunker 10 and plans on detonating the missile to defeat Adler once and for all?

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Warzone Season 2 Storyline

While Stitch orders Naga to deal with Woods in Laos, the ex-KGB operative confirms that Adler is making his way to Verdansk where he is awaiting his arrival.

Could Stitch be taking Adler into the Gulag for some interrogation of his own? Will he exact his revenge on Adler after he removed his eye all those years ago?

We will have to wait until the start of Season Two on February 25th to find out how the story progresses and whether a new map is on the horizon.

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