Call of Duty: Warzone: Best Landing Spots Guide

Since its release. Call of Duty: Warzone has become one of the most popular battle royale titles thanks to its incredible gunplay and action-packed matches.

With several places located within the confines of Verdansk, it can be tricky to decide where the best places to land are. 

With hundreds of matches played, we have handpicked the best looting and landing spots to utilise when dropping into Verdansk.

1) The Hospital

The hospital is always a great place to land if you want to pick up some strong loot in the early stages of the game and plenty of utility to deal further damage.

The multi-storey building contains a wide range of weaponry but if you want to deal maximum damage in the early game, look for a quick-firing pistol or a shotgun to take down any opponents with ease in close-quarters scenarios.

Make sure to clear out the building fully as there may be a few Supply Crates containing a large amount of loot including plenty of Cash to buy killstreaks and Loadout Drops later on in the match.

Be aware of the helicopter parked on the roof in case you and your squad need a quick extraction from any enemies!

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2) Stadium

Warzone Stadium
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If you’re after an area with a bit more space, the stadium is an ideal location to land at the start of a game.

Located near the centre of the map, the stadium is an ideal spot to begin a game as you and your team will be able to rotate easily when the circle begins to close in.

Thanks to its prime location, it is likely that it will be full of teams frantically looking to get hold of a solid loadout so it is important to be prepared for a battle otherwise you will likely be spending some time in the Gulag!

Keep your eyes peeled for a sniper rifle either on the ground or in one of the several Supply Crates that are likely to be scattered throughout the stadium.

3) Airport

Warzone Airport
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Located at the north-west corner of the map, the airport is out the way of the middle of the map but it is still a popular location for players to land

Making your way across the runway will definitely make you a very easy target so it will be important to land in a building or inside the terminal where you can get your hands on some loot off the break.

Expect a wide variety of vehicles to commandeer around the outskirts of the area so you may have to priorities securing a vehicle rather than a better weapon so choose wisely!

With so many corners within the airport itself, awareness and good communication between you and your team will be essential to clear out any enemies looking to be patient and take you out by surprise.

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