Call Of Duty Mobile: Season 9 Announcement And New Features

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There's not long to wait for the release Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 and all the new features alongside it.

The Season will bring new Gunsmith weapon customisation, Shipment MP map, parachuting optimisation and much more.


With so much to look forward to, let's break down what's coming with the release of Season 9.


What's Coming In Season 9?

Season 9 will bring new features alongside a number of quality of life updates.

Let's check out what's coming in the upcoming Season:

Weapon Loot System

For starters, Gunsmith customisation is coming to the Battle Royale mode.


Players can retrieve their customised weapons through in-game airdrops.

Alongside this, lootable weapons are now pre-equipped with attachments.

This offers players a wider range of customisation options in the Battle Royale mode.

New Items

Gun Mods is being introduced to the Battle Royale game mode.

Armour plates are being added a new in-game item.

Players can use this on their damaged armour to repair it in-game.


Parachuting Optimisation

Season 9 will introduce an all-new opening scene before dropping into the map.

On top of this, destination names will be displayed while parachuting.

Kill Effects

New effects have been added in-game after killing another player.

Water Reflection Effects Optimisation

The water graphics have been improved dramatically for Season 9, offering the game a more polished look.


New Areas

Season 9 will bring four new areas to explore! Check them out below:

  • Dormitory
  • Radar Base
  • Campground
  • Outpost

There's plenty of content to get stuck into and explore.

Good luck in Season 9!