COD Mobile: How To Climb The Tower On Summit

Season 13 for Call of Duty: Mobile is in full swing.

The most complete Call of Duty game features the very best maps from across the franchise along with the best weapons and so much more.

One of the maps on COD Mobile is Summit which made its debut on the first Black Ops title which released over a decade ago.

The classic map contains a range of places that can be utilised to get the upper hand over the opposition and one of those is the control tower just outside of the control room.

But how do you climb into the tower? Find out below!

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How To Climb The Tower On Summit

Before attempting to climb the tower, it’s important to master the basic mechanics of sprinting and jumping that are required to make the leap.

First of all, head to the control room and climb on top of the console that is opposite the catwalk.

Sprint along the top of the console and jump towards the catwalk. Your character will mantle over the rail and you’ll end up on the catwalk.

Head along the catwalk to the gap in the roof opposite the tower. Sprint along the catwalk and hit jump as soon as you reach the edge of the gap to stand on the outside of the rail.

Mantle over the tower and you have reached the Summit tower!

Most Effective Game Modes

Considering how powerful this position is, using it in any ranked match will enable you to have a significant impact on the course of a match.

It’s also extremely effective in Domination, as you can see any players attempting to head down the snowy walkway and into the control room where the B flag is located.

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