Season 2 Wish List: Things We Want Added In The New Season

As the final few weeks of the first season of post-launch content for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War begin, the focus has begun to switch to the second season and new content that the passionate community wants to see added.

During Season One, Treyarch has been impressive in releasing one of the largest drops of free content ever seen.

The launch of Season One featured something for all players, including a brand-new Warzone map, the return of iconic multiplayer map Raid, and new Zombies game modes which offered new ways of slaying the endless waves of the undead.

With the focus moving over to what could be arriving in Season Two, we’ve come up with five things that we would love to see included in the new season.

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New 6v6 Maps

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Maps
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While the additions of classic Black Ops maps are great for those wanting a trip down memory lane, the lack of original multiplayer released over the course of the season has been disappointing.

Considering the vast number of leaks containing screenshots of unreleased maps, it’s been surprising to see just one brand-new 6v6 map arrive into the ever-expanding map pool since the release of Black Ops Cold War.

With the new season on the horizon, the likelihood of more new maps releasing is certainly high.

More Legacy Operators

Hudson Operator Black Ops Cold War
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Throughout the Modern Warfare game cycle, Infinity Ward added many recognisable faces from the Modern Warfare story into the Operator pool. After several months, Treyarch has only focused on adding Frank Woods alongside other characters that feature within the Black Ops Cold War campaign.

Adding the likes of Alex Mason and Jason Hudson would be a welcome addition for those looking to play as legendary characters from the Black Ops storyline and the start of Season Two would be the perfect place to start adding some of them into the game.

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New Limited Time Modes

Black Ops Cold War Season 2
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Since the release of Black Ops Cold War, regular playlist updates and the additions of brand-new game modes have been the key to keeping the game feeling fresh along with adding some replay value.

For Season Two, new limited-time modes featuring a mixture of classic game modes such as Sabotage and Demolition to complement the new modes is a sure-fire way of catering for those wanting a classic Call of Duty experience, and those that are after something new and innovative.

Post-Battle Pass Content

Once players manage to reach the coveted Tier 100 of the Season One Battle Pass, there is a distinct lack of content available for those that want to continue the grind alongside progressing through the levels.

For players that do surpass Tier 100, giving them a chance to earn additional content would provide an incentive to keep playing throughout the entire duration of the season.

More Camos

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Camos
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Imagine being able to equip this camo to all Black Ops Cold War weapons

Although there are plenty of camouflages that can be obtained by using various weapons, there is a lack of camos that can be used without having to purchase some form of weapon blueprint.

Some of the designs that feature on the blueprints are incredible and giving players a chance to unlock the camo as opposed to the entire blueprint could be a great way to add even more challenges to Black Ops Cold War during Season Two.

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