Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: Flamethrower Scorestreak Cut From Release Build

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is nearing its first season of post-launch content.

As the new season approaches, the fifth chapter of the Black Ops series has seen players dive into a brand-new multiplayer experience complete with new maps, game modes and more.


Between the beta and the full release of the game, it appears that developer Treyarch has removed a lot of content that was meant to be included in the release build of Black Ops Cold War.

It has been revealed that a wealth of Zombies content was omitted from the game and new leaks have surfaced confirming that plenty of multiplayer content was also left on the sidelines.

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According to notorious Call of Duty Leaker @CODColdWarNewz, there was meant to be another addition to the diverse range of scorestreaks available to use in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer.


The Flamethrower was set to be included in the release build of the game, but was cut for an unknown reason.

🚨FLAMETHROWER IMAGE: This is the #BlackOpsColdWar Flamethrower scorestreak that was cut.This may be used for post launch content.@WarzoneNewz 🔥
— Call of Duty Leaks (@CODColdWarNewz)
December 1, 2020

As some players refused to believe its existence, data-miners have uncovered an image of the missing scorestreak from the files of the game.


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Will The Flamethrower Appear?

There is a strong chance that we will see the Flamethrower added into multiplayer as post-launch content.

It has been reported that the K-9 Unit scorestreak will be arriving as part of Season One which begins on December 10th, so the chances of the Flamethrower being added in Season One or perhaps Season Two is highly likely.


The Flamethrower was one of five Scorestreaks that was cut from the release build of the game.

The Hand-Cannon, Death Machine, Strafe Run, and the H.A.R.P were the other four but thanks to the post-launch content plans, there is always a chance that we may see them added in future updates!